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Solved | Can't save workbook macro-free

Have you seen this error when saving your Excel workbook?

Or this, just below the ribbon?

It may be you've accidentally double-clicked an Active X control when in Design mode; or taken some other action to cause Excel to create a macro for you. Assuming you don't want to macro-enable your workbook, try the following ways to clear the error.


Let Excel try to reverse the actions that let to this error

  1. Click the Yes button

  2. Try to save your workbook

If the problem persists, proceed as below.


Delete Code from Microsoft VBA window

  1. Select the Developer menu in the Ribbon

  2. Click the Visual Basic button

  3. Identify your workbook. The bottom left panel of the VBA window will show each of the open workbooks. It's important to identify your workbook, as you don't want to be playing around with code in someone else's workbook.

  4. Having identified the correct workbook, double-click on each of the Excel objects in turn and review each code window in turn.

  5. If there's just empty macros, then you can safely delete all the code

  6. If there's something that looks intentional, then you can still delete all the code, but you may you would like to save the workbook as macro-enabled after all.

  7. Close the VBA window

  8. Save your workbook.

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