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Consultancy Services

You might think consultancy is expensive and only for large companies with large budgets, but this is not our experience.  We have helped:

  • Individuals who want to progress further in their careers

  • Owner/managers of small companies with limited resources

Sometimes it's just a few hours of work for us, and an embarrassingly small invoice.

Creating Spreadsheets

  • Tap in to our skills and experience

  • Let us build you an Excel workbook

  • Or enhance your existing workbook

  • From small jobs taking an hour

  • To large jobs that can take a month

Process Analysis

  • Gain clarity in what you hope to achieve

  • Find out if you should also change your processes.

Enhancing Spreadsheets

  • Let us enhance the workbooks we built as the needs arise.

  • Implement change quickly thanks to Excel's flexibility.


  • Direct your learning into the areas you need.

  • Mentoring often covers all the other areas of consultancy.

  • Also available to small groups, who generally end up mentoring each other.

What Our Clients Say

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Grant Tennant

I had no idea how brilliant Excel was.  David sorted my accounts and my VAT returns now take about 15 mins.

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