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Meet our Founder

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Dave Weston, Excel House

Dear Reader,

    For a long time Excel lacked the features I wanted, and I had little time for it.  But undeterred by my lack of enthusiasm Bill Gates set about putting Excel on all of our computers, both in the workplace and at home, and then he set about turning it into the kind of product I and my software developer colleagues would appreciate - and that's when I got interested.

    There was never the time or money for formal Excel training; and so like many others, driven by the necessities of work, I taught myself.  With each new release I fell more and more in love with this king of spreadsheet apps, and soon I had become the guy in the office to whom everyone turned for help.

    Nowadays, as well as writing this blog, I consult with companies who want to improve their processes and information management, and individuals who want to enhance their Excel skills and accelerate their careers.


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